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Filing & Expediting & Violation Removal

Filing & Expediting

We have licensed expediter with expertise to swiftly and efficiently apply for the permit from various city agencies

/ Department of Buildings (DOB)

/ Fire Department (FDNY)

/ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

/ Con Edison 

/ National Grid



Violation Removal & Expediting

We'll ensure to bring your building up to date with various city agency Code requirements

/ Department of Building (DOB)

/ Fire Department (FDNY)

/ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

dob inspector.jpg

When You receive a sheet of violation summon from DOB/DOT/DEP/FDNY/NYPD inspector, it means your property violates a building code. Give us a call! We are here to help you resolve the issue in the best possible manner.

fdny inspector.gif

Property Owners, to ensure public safety, it's your responsibility to comply to the latest fire safety code. Give us a call to schedule an Inspection. We assure your compliance with code requirements.

DOB Certificate of correction.png

Our experienced Expediter will help you file the certificate of correction in a timely manner in order to avoid further civil penalties.

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